1. thephotographicdictionary:

    Bobby Scheidemann

    vortex          vor·tex          [vawr-teks]
    1. a whirling mass of water, especially one in which a force of suction operates, as a whirlpool.

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  2. jfpetersphoto:

    Vincent, San Diego, CA 2014

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    me and hobbes are gonna have a joint show together in LA! I’m so excited :)

    click here for the fb event page

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  4. amylombard:

    Kate from BREAKING AMISH is still a model. She was in a controversial NYFW show that obvi involved horses. Photos for VICE

  5. bobbycaputo:

    Gateways to Death Valley

    In March 2009, Los Angeles-based commercial and editorial photographer Pamela Littky was en route to Las Vegas for a photo shoot when she discovered Baker, California. Wanting to know more about the town who promotes itself as the “gateway” to the desert, she began her investigation. Later that year she discovered Beatty, Nevada, a town with the same claim-to-fame. Her curiosity spun into a four-year project documenting the people and characteristics of off-the-grid towns.

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  6. michaeldavidfriberg:

    Halcon Resources for Bloomberg Markets Magazine.


  7. "People like Martin Parr won’t get a free copy of my book because I don’t like the entire idea of having these mega-gurus who decide what’s good and what’s not. They do not represent the self-publishing scene, but they still dominate it. I think we have to build up a new generation of publishers and stop kissing the asses of yesterday’s authority figures. Self-publishing should be anti-establishment. The way things are going right now narrows down the very broad spectrum of the photography book scene. Look at all the photography blogs, which mention the same 30 – 40 book titles that everyone is mentioning that year. Luckily enough there are also some photography blogs that are really committed to showing you works you would otherwise not see."

    Interview with Nico Baumgarten | FK (via photographsonthebrain)

    [it’s because most of photography is ruled by nepotism and white privilege.]

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  8. iancbates:

    I photographed scenes from the largest wildfire in Washington State history where nature and the man made intersected resulting in destruction all over the Methow Valley. This was made near Malott, Washington in July 2014. 

  9. jucophoto:

    My grandfather passed away this Spring, and it wasn’t until July that I was able to go be with my Grandmother to spend time with her and support her through a very difficult transition. These were a few of the images I took while being home. These are also the type of images I was taught to make in school. It’s strange how certain situations make you revert to old ways. Even though this type of work has no place in my current body of images, it’s deep down what is the most true to me. 

  10. bobbycaputo:

    Welcome to Syden: Portraits of Norwegians Enjoying Their Offbeat Vacations

    To foreigners, Syden sounds like a fantasy holiday destination accessible only to Norwegians, and it kind of is. In Norway, the word Syden is often referenced in lieu of certain European, Asian, African, and South American cities with a warm climate, mainly in or near the Mediterranean. From season to season, the exact locations of Syden may change as certain places go in and out of fashion. For his book Southbound, photographer Knut Egil Wang explores the nuances of these unidentifiable, transient havens, shooting in such hot spots as Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Murcia, and Torrevieja in Spain, Ayia Napa and Larnaca in Cyprus, Side and Alanya in Turkey, and Krabi in Thailand.

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