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    I grew up in the IE…

    I know where I’m from…
    I love where I’m from…
    I love Dr Strange, Baker’s, Chain of Strength, Showcase Theater, etc…
    I’m proud of where I’m from…

    I’m no longer a resident of the IE and now an LA transplant…
    I fully support this event… I couldn’t be more proud & more excited for this collection of people and their work.

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    Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty (2013)

    Visually inspired by the culture of Bollywood—with its dramatized body language, passionate romance, and clashes between tradition and contemporary mores—Pinckers’s delicately constructed situations, and the genuine characters that populate them, are more fragile and nuanced than their cinematic ur-narratives, carefully balancing real-life constraints with the starry-eyed sensations of love. He captures the paradoxes of romance in a city where different generations, religions, and the push-and-pull of past and future have a stronghold on society and culture, even on the film industry.

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    Doomed Gallery and NIGHTED PRESENT:  I HATE THE BLUES 7.7.14 Group Exhibition.

    "I Hate the Blues" is a group exhibition curated by K. Eleanor Bleier, featuring work from several photographers from the US, Canada and United Kingdom. Each artist has selected one color that ties together all of their images, creating an interesting look for each overall series. The photographers featured represent many styles and walks of life, tied together by an honest and gritty aesthetic.
    Work featured by;

    Thursday August 7, 2014 at Doomed Gallery 65/57 Ridley Road Dalston E8 2NP

    The exhibition is presented by Nighted, a film photography collective and book/ zine publishing hub based in the Bay Area.
  4. oranbeg:

    Oranbeg Inquires:  Kat Slootsky

    Where are you from/where are you currently residing? 

    I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, a neighborhood in south Brooklyn by the water. I remained local to brooklyn, currently living and working in Clinton Hill/ Bed Stuy. 

    What is the work you are currently focusing on? 

    I am currently working as Media and Art Coordinator / Outpost Manager at the Dossier Outpost in South Street Seaport. 
    I curated a show at the Dossier Outpost gallery a few weeks ago titled, High Tidewhich was a mixed show of photography, painting, sculpture and a .gif   It was really exciting being able to bring seemingly unrelated work together and thus give it new meaning within the curation. Currently, I am focusing on putting out the third volume of the KS/RP zine, that artist Richard Perez and I have worked together on for the past year and a half.  

    What is your opinion on the current state of photography, particularly on the photobook? 

    I’m really excited about the photo book / Zine culture that is currently striving. There are more and more self published artists that are putting there work out there and making it super accessible to own.  There are so many photo book and zine fairs popping up that you can’t even keep track of all of them. While being at the Dossier Outpost I had the pleasure to work alongside Ed Varie for a month, who has a beautiful photo book/ zine collection. I love how photo books and zines are being brought together over the internet, online submissions are bringing together international artists and having them exist together in a final book product.  To summarize, I am excited by the current state of photography. I feel that its growing and expanding and using all its available resources to do so. 

    Favorite Photo Blog?

    I honestly can’t say I have one favorite photo Blog. I use tumblr to organize all the different blogs that I follow and they all end up flowing into one entity that is tumblr. Which I appreciate in and of itself. A few of the artists that I had in my show I believe I was originally exposed to on tumblr, one of which was through Oranbeg Press, (so thank you for that). I like following galleries and publications on tumblr to see what they are posting. A few favorite blogs I have saved in my bookmarks:it’s nice that, time and spaceflaunt, Ain’t Bad Editions Ed Varie and of course Oranbeg Press

    Favorite Photobook? 

    My very first favorite photo book is The Americans, by Robert Frank. That was years ago, but I feel is still and important and worthy mention. 
    Currently, or for the past few years, I’ve loved Redheaded Peckerwood by Christian Patterson. Another favorite is A selection of Snapshots Taken by Felix Gonzalez-Torres which is beautifully intimate and wonderful. 

    Oranbeg Inquires is a series of informal interviews with the artists that have participated in Oranbeg’s Interleaves, Books and the NET exhibitions. Kat has been in a NET, is in the book No, Nay, Never, No More, and her book  with photographer Richard Perez kat Perez/richard slootsky.

    ***Send in your submission for Oranbeg Net 07: Ingest/Digest with guest curators The Gifriends. Deadline is July 20th. 

    Also Make sure to come to Across the Gutter(A series of exhibitions, events and a pop up Siopa Leabhar/Bookshop from Oranbeg Press) next week!

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  9. theonesweloveproject:

    Official flyer for The Ones We Love’s triple exhibition in August.
    We are currently taking submissions for all three locations. 
    Guidelines here: http://theoneswelove.net/exhibition_submission

    Design by Uciel Medina.
    Photo by Sophie Morner.


  10. nopefun:

    Lindley Warren is based in Iowa, USA and makes introspective and intimate images. She also runs various online platforms, showcasing creative talents from around the world. Most recently, she’s been busy organizing a double exhibition and publishing the first volume of The Ones We Love.